CSV data specifications - Specially Designated National (SDN)

Format *.csv consists of records separated by carriage returns (ASCII character 13), with fields (values) within records delimited by the “,” (comma) symbol (ASCII character 44).

Null values consist of “-0-“ (ASCII characters 45, 48, 45).

The Comma Separated Values (.csv), release consists of three ASCII text files – a main file listing the name of the SDN and other information unique to that entity (sdn.csv), a file of addresses (add.csv), and a file of alternate names (alt.csv). Addresses and alternate names are linked to particular SDNs using unique integer values in a linking or primary key column. The integers used are assigned for linking purposes only and do not represent an official reference to that entity.

Releases of the database-format files are intended as a service to the user community. OFAC’s SDN list is published in the Federal Register. All of OFAC’s lists are drawn from the same underlying data and every effort has been made to ensure consistency. The Federal Register will govern should differences arise. Due to the nature, urgency, and sensitivity of the programs which OFAC administers and enforces, it may not always be possible to provide advanced notice to users of format changes to the database structure.

CSV files

Comma delimited: sdn.csv, add.csv, alt.csv, sdn_comments.csv


Column Sequence Column Name Type Size Description
1 ent_num number   unique record, identifier/unique, listing identifier
2 SDN_Name text 350 name of SDN
3 SDN_Type text 12 type of SDN
4 Program text 50 sanctions program name
5 Title text 200 title of an individual
6 Call_Sign text 8 vessel call sign
7 Vess_type text 25 vessel type
8 Tonnage text 14 vessel tonnage
9 GRT text 8 gross registered tonnage
10 Vess_flag text 40 vessel flag
11 Vess_owner text 150 vessel owner
12 Remarks text 1000 remarks on SDN*


Column Sequence Column Name Type Size Description
1 Ent_num number   link to unique listing
2 Add_num number   unique record identifier
3 Address text 750 street address of SDN
4 City/State/Province/Postal Code text 116 city, state/province, zip/postal code
5 Country text 250 country of address
6 Add_remarks text 200 remarks on address


Column Sequence Column Name Type Size Description
1 Ent_num number   link to unique listing
2 alt_num number   unique record identifier
3 alt_type text 8 type of alternate identity (aka, fka, nka)
4 alt_name text 350 alternate identity name
5 alt_remarks text 200 remarks on alternate identity


Column Sequence Column Name Type Size Description
1 Ent_num number   link to unique listing
2 RemarksExtended text   remarks extended on a SDN


Record separator CR (carriage return) 13  
Field (value) delimiter , 44  
Text value quotes 34  
Null -0- 45, 48, 45  

ASCII table and description

ASCII Table and Description