What is Moov Fed?

Moov Fed implements an HTTP interface to search Fedwire and FedACH data from the Federal Reserve Bank Services.

The data and formats below represent a compilation of Fedwire and FedACH data from the Federal Reserve Bank Services site:

Fed can be used standalone to search for routing numbers by Financial Institution name, city, state, postal code, and routing number. It can also be used in conjunction with Moov ACH and Moov Wire to validate routing numbers.

Data files

The data files included in this repository (FedACHdir.md and fpddir.md) areĀ outdated and from 2018. The Fed no longer releases this data publicly and licensing on more recent files prevents us from distributing them. However, the Fed still complies this data and you can retrieve up-to-date files for use in our project, either from Accuity or your financial institution.

Moov Fed can read the data files from anywhere on the filesystem. This allows you to mount the files and set FEDACH_DATA_PATH / FEDWIRE_DATA_PATH environmental variables. Both official formats from the Federal Reserve (plaintext and JSON) are supported.