Google Cloud Run

To get started in a hosted environment you can deploy this project to the Google Cloud Platform.

From your Google Cloud dashboard create a new project and call it:


Click the button below to deploy this project to Google Cloud.

Run on Google Cloud

In the cloud shell you should be prompted with:

Choose a project to deploy this application:

Using the arrow keys select:


You’ll then be prompted to choose a region, use the arrow keys to select the region closest to you and hit enter.

Choose a region to deploy this application:

Upon a successful build you will be given a URL where the API has been deployed:

From the cloud shell you need to cd into the ach folder:

cd ach

Now you can list files stored in-memory:


You should get this response:


Create a file on the server:

curl -X POST --data-binary "@./test/testdata/ppd-debit.ach"

You should get this response:


Finally, read the contents of the file you’ve just posted:


You should get this response:

{"file":{"id":"<YOUR-UNIQUE-FILE-ID>","fileHeader":{"id":"...","immediateDestination":"231380104","immediateOrigin":"121042882", ...