Go library

This project uses Go Modules and uses Go v1.14 or higher. See Golang’s install instructions for help setting up Go. You can download the source code and we offer tagged and released versions as well. We highly recommend you use a tagged release for production.

$ git@github.com:moov-io/imagecashletter.git

# Pull down into the Go Module cache
$ go get -u github.com/moov-io/imagecashletter

$ go doc github.com/moov-io/imagecashletter CashLetter

The package github.com/moov-io/imagecashletter offers a Go-based Image Cash Letter file reader and writer. To get started, check out a specific example:

ICL File Read Write
Link Link Link

ImageCashLetter’s file handling behaviors can be modified to accommodate your specific use case. This is done by passing options into ICL’s reader and writer during instantiation. For example, to read EBCDID encoded files you would instantiate a reader with NewReader(fd, ReadVariableLineLengthOption(), ReadEbcdicEncodingOption()).

The following options are currently supported:

Option Description
ReadVariableLineLengthOption Allows Reader to split ICL files based on the Inserted Length Field.
ReadEbcdicEncodingOption Allows Reader to decode scanned lines from EBCDIC to UTF-8.
WriteVariableLineLengthOption Instructs the Writer to begin each record with the appropriate Inserted Length Field.
WriteEbcdicEncodingOption Allows Writer to write file in EBCDIC.