Google Cloud Run

To get started in a hosted environment you can deploy this project to the Google Cloud Platform.

From your Google Cloud dashboard create a new project and call it:


Enable the Container Registry API for your project and associate a billing account if needed. Then, open the Cloud Shell terminal and run the following Docker commands, substituting your unique project ID:

docker pull moov/imagecashletter
docker tag moov/imagecashletter<PROJECT-ID>/imagecashletter
docker push<PROJECT-ID>/imagecashletter

Deploy the container to Cloud Run:

gcloud run deploy --image<PROJECT-ID>/imagecashletter --port 8083

Select your target platform to 1, service name to imagecashletter, and region to the one closest to you (enable Google API service if a prompt appears). Upon a successful build you will be given a URL where the API has been deployed:

Now you can list files stored in-memory:


You should get this response: