Binary distribution

Download the latest Moov Wire server release for your operating system and run it from a terminal.

$ ./wire-darwin-amd64
ts=2019-06-20T23:23:44.870717Z caller=main.go:75 startup="Starting wire server version v0.2.0"
ts=2019-06-20T23:23:44.871623Z caller=main.go:135 transport=HTTP addr=:8088
ts=2019-06-20T23:23:44.871692Z caller=main.go:125 admin="listening on :9098"

Connecting to Moov Wire

The Moov Wire service will be running on port 8088 (with an admin port on 9098).

Confirm that the service is running by issuing the following command or simply visiting localhost:8088/ping in your browser.

$ curl http://localhost:8088/ping

$ curl http://localhost:8088/files