Go library

This project uses Go Modules and uses Go v1.14 or higher. See Golang’s install instructions for help setting up Go. You can download the source code and we offer tagged and released versions as well. We highly recommend you use a tagged release for production.

$ git@github.com:moov-io/wire.git

# Pull down into the Go Module cache
$ go get -u github.com/moov-io/wire

$ go doc github.com/moov-io/wire fedWireMessage

The package github.com/moov-io/wire offers a Go-based Wire file reader and writer. To get started, check out a specific example:

Supported business function codes

Business Function Code Name Example Read Write
DRB BankDrawDownRequest Link Link Link
BTR BankTransfer Link Link Link
CKS CheckSameDaySettlement Link Link Link
DRC CustomerCorporateDrawDownRequest Link Link Link
CTR CustomerTransfer Link Link Link
CTP CustomerTransferPlus Link Link Link
CTP CustomerTransferPlusCOVS Link Link Link
DEP DepositSendersAccount Link Link Link
FFR FEDFundsReturned Link Link Link
FFS FEDFundsSold Link Link Link
SVC ServiceMessage Link Link Link