We publish a public Docker image moov/wire on Docker Hub with every tagged release of Wire. No configuration is required to serve on :8088 and metrics at :9098/metrics in Prometheus format. We also have Docker images for OpenShift published as

Moov Wire is dependent on Docker being properly installed and running on your machine. Ensure that Docker is running. If your Docker client has issues connecting to the service, review the Docker getting started guide.

docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE        COMMAND        CREATED        STATUS        PORTS        NAMES

Pull & start the Docker image:

docker pull moov/wire:latest
docker run -p 8088:8088 -p 9098:9098 moov/wire:latest

List files stored in-memory:

curl localhost:8088/files

Create a file on the HTTP server:

curl -X POST --data-binary "@./test/testdata/fedWireMessage-CustomerTransfer.txt" http://localhost:8088/files/create
{"id":"<YOUR-UNIQUE-FILE-ID>","fedWireMessage":{"id":"","senderSupplied":{"formatVersion":"30", .....

Get the file in its original format:

curl http://localhost:8088/files/<YOUR-UNIQUE-FILE-ID>/contents
{1500}30User ReqT